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miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Serious Business!

We have developed a new pledge level focused on FOREIGN PUBLISHERS who would like to translate the Brigada series ,and ONLINE SHOPS who would like to order big amounts of books, avoiding to make a lot of individual pledges.
We would like to encourage all publishers and shops to take part of this adventure, and being promoted also here on the site!
Please mail me at "" to talk about it. :)
Hemos creado un nuevo nivel de recompensa orientado a EDITORIALES EXTRANJERAS que quieran publicar la serie de Brigada en su idioma, y a TIENDAS ONLINE que quieran hacer pedido de grandes cantidades, para evitar hacer muchas aportaciones pequeñas.
¡Nos gustaría animar a todas las editoriales y tiendas a formar parte de esta aventura y ser promocionados en esta pagina!
Por favor enviadme mail a "" para hablar de las condiciones. :)

2 comentarios:

  1. Hey mate, can you make an option for everyone to buy only the comic book?

  2. Yes, but it would be more expensive than the book+extras, just for the shipping costs. Would you agree? From my side won´t be honest, and that´s what I didn´t include that option out of Spain.