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miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2015

Shipping delay

The schedule for the shippings has suffered a little delay, as for the contract we have with the shipping company, we have to check manually one by one again to add the shipping information (on a sticker) for the French , Italian and Germany destinations (near 400 individual shippings).

This delay will affect , unfortunately, to the rest of shippings.

Estimated time to deliver in France: next week (first week of June)
For Italy and Germany: between the first and second week of June.
Rest of the countries during the third and fourth weeks of June.

Spain, Usa and Canada destinations have been already delivered.
Sorry for this last minute inconvenience, unpredicted on our plans, and thanks again for your patience.

jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

Shipping schedule: May 14

Just a quick post to update the shipping schedule:

-Shippings to SPAIN + PORTUGAL (ZONE A): All delivered.

-ZONE B (France): Still in process. Expected to be delivered next week to the shipping company , and then three to four days to complete all shippings.

-Shippings to USA+CANADA: All will be delivered to the shipping company tomorrow May15. Then it´s expected to take a week for the delivery to each customer.

-Rest of countries- expected to be delivered to the shipping company last week of May, first week of June.