-----------This is the place to follow the progress of the Brigada comic book by Enrique Fernandez.-----------

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domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Welcome to the BRIGADA blog!

Progress of the project:
Welcome to the blog for the project BRIGADA! Thanks again to all of you who made this project posible! This place is specially created for you. Please consider here at home.

Here you will find all the information relative to the project: news, updates, progress of the work,etc.
Also it will be the place for pre-orders if you didn´t make it in time during the Verkami campaign, although there are some items that won´t be available anymore, and others will depend on availability during the preorders.

There´s also a FAQ section, something I missed during the campaign to avoid repeating myself thousand times. :)

Also you can follow the news of the blog and project directly by mail. Easier than hitting F5 twenty times a day as I know many of you (me included) did during the Verkami process! ;D

More news to come, talk to you soon!