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viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015


Hi everyone,
The final steps of the production are being done, and that allows me to release a public schedule.
Please consider that some changes on this schedule may occur at some time. Now is the time for "external production" where I can´t assume direct responsability. But the main work is already done  before the planned deadline. That´s a good thing, isn´t it? :)


-I´m working on the final book and artbook pages. I would like to deliver all that stuff to the printer next week, so we can have the books at the beginning of April.

-I´m starting to do the video demos for the pen drive. The delivery from the usb company is expected for the second week of March.

-I´m preparing all the original artworks for Verkami customers. That´s something that would take me all March and a good part of April.

-Considering that everything goes on this schedule, I could start shipping the parcels by the third week of April. The delivery of all books could take two months but I´ll do my best to reduce it. We all want the books as soon as posible, right? We have waited too much already! ;D

Thanks for your patience and support.
The end is near! :)