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viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

SHIPPINGS #5 August 30

The 99% of the first shipping process is already done!

The delivery company has the parcels now, and it´s their turn to send the books to you (expected for this next week).

There are still some books left to send, described here:

-Customers who contributed for the book+ figure // the 99 euros option , international //
 (we´ll send the parcel this week, as it needs another packaging)

-Customers who contributed for the original A4 drawing (the books are already sent to you, and we´ll mail you next week asking for the character of your choice once you have readed it. )

-Some preorders from May that we still need to check.

-People who didn´t fill the form (we don´t have your address)

-Posters are going to be send separatedly from the books, and ready to be shipped tomorrow morning.

We are receiving back some shippings (wrong adresses,etc) during this past weeks, and we´ll wait for some weeks more before contact you to send them again.

We already sent the PDF to all customer who contributed for that option, but as the link for the download lasts just some days and many of you were on holidays, it will be send a new mail with links this coming week.

Thanks for your patience.

martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

Shippings#4 August 12

All the books (spanish  version only ) for Spain have been send today. If you don´t receive it in the next two weeks please contact the oficial mail.

Hoy hemos terminado de enviar todos los libros en español con destinos nacionales (España y Canarias).
Si en dos semanas no habéis recibido vuestra copia por favor poneos en contacto con nosotros al mail oficial.


We are now preparing the shippings for France, Belgium, USA and Canada togheter, and they will be shipped as far as August 29. The delivery on this shippings would take no more than 5 days, according to the delivery company.
The rest of the international books would be delivered as soon as we finish that previous shipping. It will take us at least a week to prepare everyhting, so probably they will be shipped in the first/second week of september.

All this information depends on how fast we could manage all the deliveries, not an easy thing to do, plenty of details. Please be patient.

lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

SHIPPINGS #3 August 5th

Today we completed the mailing of the PDF version to customers who purchased this option.
For those of you who buyed it with the physical book please remember it will arrive at the end of August, first days of September.

Many (MANY!) people has used an invalid e-mail for the purchase, so if you have buyed the book and didn´t receive it,  please contact us at:

Now is time for us for a little break. We come back on monday 12th.