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jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

The Brigada books are here!

Finally , after some little delay, the books arrived from the printer. And they look gorgeus! It´s been a great pleasure to confirm all the work done on this finally has a great reward, just looking at the quality of the printed book.

We´ll start the shippings today. That will take us probably until the end of August. We have a plan to make it the more effective and fast as we can.  We´ll start with the Verkami customers and once finished we´ll send the preorders from this past months.

Please be patient , we will update on the shippings as often as we can to keep you informed, so depending on your contribution and country, you may have an aproximate idea of when to expect the books.

Also please don´t mail us asking about your individual shipping, as it won´t be posible for us to answer each one of you.

Talk to you soon!

2 comentarios:

  1. ¡Fantástico Enrique!

    Estoy esperándolo como loco. Tiene una pinta estupenda. Sin duda ha valido la pena, y el hecho de haber participado en su financiación es algo de lo que me alegro profundamente.

    Ahora a ver cuando llega, jajaja, que aunque Aurore está muy bien ya me la comí con patatas después del pasado Saló del Còmic.

    Un saludo, nos vemos.

  2. Recibido, muchísimas gracias!!
    Tiene una pintaza estupenda, qué ganas de sentarme con calma y degustarlo como merece :))

    Felicidades por finalizar esta aventura!